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The JRB Technologies Solution Process
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Initial consult
During the initial consultation, the clients discuss their current
technology situation and outline their future IT expectations with our
skilled consultation team.

Systems audit
The Network Operations Center team performs IT systems audit. All
computers, devices, servers, and networks are assessed according to
capacity, technology lifecycle, and performance.

Collaborate on unique solutions
The consultation team and clients work together to create a list of
sustainable managed services solutions. Create a solution to meet
our client’s business needs.

JRB Technologies executive management will overview the final
solutions and address any potential issues or conflicts.

best practices, and JRB Technologies executive management client’s
expectations, initial systems audit, unique business needs, IT best
practices, and JRB Technologies executive management experience.

Finalize solutions
The clients and consultation team work on the final details for their
managed services solutions.

The JRB Technologies NOC team completes the on-site
implementation of managed services applications and licenses,
software upgrades, and hardware installations. Obsolete or dated
equipment will be replaced.

JRB Technologies facilitates in-depth training for our client's
organization during pre and post implementation. Training consists of
on-site sessions, online tutorials, and one-on-one meetings.

Monthly Reports
The consultation team maintains regular contact with clients and
answers any concerns that may arise. Clients receive monthly
progress reports.
JRB Technologies Solutions Process