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The most important benefits of managed IT services are business
continuation assurance, excellent response, and solid infrastructure.

The biggest cost savings for businesses that adopt managed services
are in the areas of staffing and hardware. Forecasting expenses
among infrastructure, backups, licensing and other costs, JRB provides
a cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients.

The key take away is that managed services is an investment in
problem mitigation. It is, in essence, an insurance policy. And, like
other insurance policies, it really has no value until something bad
happens. In such a case, a service investment can provide a
disproportionate return, especially if the service being provided reduces
the downtime of a business-critical application.

Uptime is accomplished by system monitoring, and IT compliance is
achieved by controlling patches and automatically auditing security
while budgets can be better estimated and controlled due to the fixed
fees associated with the services. Additionally, important changes in
the basic technologies used will bring enhanced flexibility to clients.
What are the benefits of managed IT services?