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* Hoffer, Jim. "Backing Up Business - Industry Trend or Event." Health Management Technology, Jan 2001
JRB Technologies’ backup/disaster recovery service benefits:

  •      Choose backup frequency
  •        Restore individual mailboxes or emails
  •        Quickly access and recover stored data
  •        Expand backup space to support organizational growth
  •        Chose off-site or on-site storage
  •        Unlimited storage capacity availability
  •        Secure process

safeguarding your business data in the case of a disaster or an emergency. Of companies that experienced a major
loss of business data, 43% of them never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.

Your organization needs protection. Overlapped redundancy is built into the backup process so data is never lost.
Your information is safely secured.

Your organization needs convenience. The JRB Technologies’ solution has the ability to restore individual mailboxes
or e-mails. Lost or deleted emails are recovered in a matter of moments—not days.

Your organization needs enterprise level data protection at a small business price. JRB Technologies provides data
protection, storage, and data availability. Your organization can choose to distribute payment as a monthly service
versus a capital expenditure. This option offers the opportunity to save significant financial costs.  

Your organization needs choice. The JRB Technologies’ solution performs incremental backups, per your frequency
request, to allow for recovery of lost data. This means you can choose to backup your data every 48 hours or 15

Your organization needs flexible data storage. JRB Technologies offers storage that will increase with your business
needs. Choose the perfect storage size now and boost the capacity to support your company’s growth in the future.

Your organization needs efficient service. JRB Technologies’ backup process is scheduled on a regular basis. Your
data is automatically stored for you. Now you can permanently cross data storage and recovery off your task list.

An example of the JRB Technologies backup process:

1. A base image is created. This image is used as the benchmark for all future backups.
2. Intra-day incremental backups are scheduled, and they can be set at whatever frequency you require (storage
space permitting.) These backups are retained for 48 hours.  
3. Daily synthetics backups are created and stored for the last 14 days.
4. Weekly synthetics backups are created and retained for the last 5 weeks.
5. Monthly synthetics backups are created and retained for as long as there is backup storage space available.
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